A New Ebook To Strengthen Your Prayer Life

There are many times when my prayer life simply stinks. It feels dull, stagnant, and like I’m just repeating words. In those times, I have found that prayers based upon God’s words help me the most.

Awhile back I wrote a short book of prayers, similar to the prayers you might find in The Valley Of Vision. These prayers are based on the promises of God, and are designed to help the reader pray the precious promises of God back to him.

Due to a variety of circumstances, I never did anything with the manuscript, even though I had people tell me they enjoyed it very much.

I will soon be releasing the book as an ebook called Praying The Promises. Below is an excerpt of the book:

The Worthy Walk

I therefore, a prisoner for the Lord, urge you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called… (Ephesians 4:1)


Thank you for all the crazy, astonishing, breathtaking blessings you heaped upon me this past year. For the times you rescued me from physical danger. For all the times you protected me from Satan’s devious, ruinous snares. For victory over those sins which have haunted me for years. For sweet communion with you. For health, family, kids, friends, a soft bed, chicken wings, and dark beer. No has been kinder or more generous than you. No has given me more than you. You’ve poured out mercy upon mercy, blessing upon blessing, kindness upon kindness.

There’s a stupid saying that goes, “Count your blessings.” It’s stupid because there’s no way I could count my blessings! I have ten thousand reasons to bless your name, ten thousand reasons to give thanks, ten thousand reasons to freshly offer up my life to you.

I want to commit every minute of every day of my life to you. Not out of some lame attempt to pay you back for all you’ve given me. That’s not how you work, and there’s no way I could pay you back. I give my all to you because I’m filled with gratefulness. I give me all to you because you’ve called me into this crazy good thing called the kingdom of God. Your goodness leads to my giving.

I don’t want to hold anything back. Every nook and cranny of my life belongs to you. All my possessions and talents belong to you. My entire being belongs to you. Help me to passionately live every hour of every day of my life in a manner worthy of the wonderful calling I have received. Let my life honor Christ, reflect Christ, and bring glory to Christ. This coming year, let me be spent for Christ. Let all my energies, talents, and passions be harnessed for the cause of Christ.

Give me a deeper, more steady love for you. So often my love is like the stock market: up one day and down the next. Hot, cold, hot, cold. I don’t want to be a stock market Christian. Be my sole, all-consuming passion. Obliterate the false idols that I’ve erected and shatter the false gods that have captured my affections.

If I’m honest, there are many times when I don’t want to be around your people. I’d rather be selfish and stay home and watch television. I’d rather have “me time” than fellowship with other Christians. Please change that. Increase my love for my fellow believers. Give me the love of Christ for my Christian brothers and sisters.

Give me a greater burden for the lost. There are times when, sinfully, I don’t really care about the lost. Evangelism and outreach and hospitality seem like too much work. Lost people have lots of baggage. Yes, I know, I have baggage too, but somehow my baggage seems smaller. I know, I’m ridiculous. Please give me your heart for the lost. Let my heart ache for those who are far from you. Set my heart aflame with a zeal to see the name of Jesus exalted throughout the earth.

Finally, please give me a burning passion for holiness – a passion that marks everything I say, think, and do. Let the world see my life and my deeds, and give glory to you. I want to be salt. I want to be light. Use me in whatever way you see fit. If you want me to serve on a cleanup team, let me do it joyfully. If you want me to preach in front of thousands, let me do it with the same joy. I want to shine forth the glory of God for all to see. May I be a blazing gospel beacon in this dark world. Let men and women see my good works, and give glory to you.

Stephen Altrogge

I'm a husband, dad, writer, & Mixed Martial Arts Salsa Dancing Champion. I created The Blazing Center. I've also written some books which people seem to like.