Goodness from the Interwebs for 6/5

  • Most of us aren’t so good at remembering history, but maybe if it was all written like this it would stick better. “If WW1 Was a Bar Fight” is a really clever piece that explains all the essentials of the great war, if not many of the historical details.
  • Ah, vacation season: that wonderful time year to relax on beaches, read stacks of books, loll in seaside cafes . . . and send asinine complaints to your travel agent. These are real complaints from real people.
  • Who doesn’t love a good dirt-kicking, hat-throwing, expectorating baseball manager melt down? This one by the Mariners’ Lloyd McClendon is an all-time great.

  • The NBA Finals are upon us pitting the Cleveland Cavaliers vs. the Golden State Warriors, Lebron James vs Stephen Curry. Everyone knows what James does, but have you seen what Curry can do? He’s a wizard.