Goodness from the Interwebs for 8/10

  • A wedding is supposed to be a celebration and a party, and often times they get a little (or a LOT) self-centered. This couple in Turkey turned the tables on all that when they decided to share their wedding feast with 4,000 Syrian refugees from their city.
  • Have you seen Earth View from Google earth. HOLY GOODNESS. These are the best satellite images captured by google earth. Just toggle right or left. Stunning.
  • Note to drunken thugs: when you try to rob an older man make sure he isn’t a tough-as-nails former boxer. Because that won’t go well. And we’ll all laugh at you.

  • Bailey Matthews is 8-years-old and has cerebral palsy. But that didn’t stop him from completing a triathlon. The smile on his face and the sheer will power are incredible and beautiful.