New Happy Rant: Driscoll Comeback, Worst Radio Interview Ever, Gender Neutral Toys

Here it is. The thing you waited all week for. The thing to make your Friday awesome. It’s a new Happy Rant.

  • HE’S BACK! Driscoll is back and better than ever! (Well, we sincerely hope he’s better than ever.)
  • Ted, Stephen, and myself have all done a fair number of radio interviews for book publicity and the like. Here we create the worst radio interview ever.
  • Why is everyone freaking out over Target removing gender labels from toys?


Thank you to David C. Cook for sponsoring the podcast this week. In a fun, slightly awkward, mostly delightful twist they are promoting Barnabas latest book, Help My Unbelief: Why Doubt Is Not The Enemy of Faith. It is on sale on Amazon. Cook is also offering The Drop Boxa book Ted Kluck co-wrote with Brian Ivie.

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