Everyone has at least ONE book in them.

I know you do. It’s that novel you’ve been thinking about for ten years. That family history you’ve been itching to write. That sermon series you want to turn into a book. That memoir you’ve been pondering.

Ted Kluck and I want to help you take your book from the IDEA stage all the way to the FINISHED manuscript.

Ted is the author of over 20 books. I’ve penned 9. Writing books is our thing.

On Tuesday, October 13th, 7pm EST, Ted Kluck and I will be doing a live, online training on how to take your book idea and actually turn it into a reality.

This training is for moms, accountants, painters, preachers, students, and anyone else who has a book burning up inside them.

In the 2 hour training, we’ll be talking about:

  • How to OVERCOME fear and actually get down to writing.
  • How to CREATE habits that will increase your creativity.
  • How to EFFECTIVELY gather your ideas.
  • How to ORGANIZE your ideas into a workable outline.
  • How to CARVE out time to work on your manuscript.
  • How to EFFECTIVELY edit your rough draft manuscript.

We’ll also be making time for any questions that arise.

But here’s the deal: in order to make room for discussion, we are LIMITING the training to the first TEN people who sign up. 

If you’re number 11, you’ll be FIRST in line for the next one we do.

The cost of the training is $100

If you want to be part of this training, enter your name and email address in the form below. I’ll email you with the details.

This is going to be a great time. I love getting to help people with their writing projects. I love seeing ideas become actual books.

I’ll see you on October 8th!

Stephen Altrogge

I'm a husband, dad, writer, & Mixed Martial Arts Salsa Dancing Champion. I created The Blazing Center. I've also written some books which people seem to like.