An Interview With Zach Bartles To Determine Whether He’s A Maverick

Zachary Bartels is having a “relaunch” for his novel The Last Con today.  We sat down with him to find out what this means for him and for the state of Christian publishing in general.

Your book The Last Con was release in July. What does it mean that you’re having a “relaunch” now?

Well, we had a great party release party in Grand Rapids and there was some media attention in July, but all in all, the launch lacked a certain “launchiness,” the blast-off effect that makes it a real launch. So we’re re-launching it today.

I’ve never heard of a “re-launch.” Are you allowed to do that?

I’ve never heard of it either, for a traditionally published book. But I was talking to my buddy Ted Kluck a few weeks ago about how the best part of running an Indie publisher is that we can choose to re-launch any title whenever we want (which we’ve done). Then I started thinking, The Last Con is still on New Release shelves in bookstores all over the country. What’s to stop me from doing the same thing with this book? Answer: nothing.

Who’s “we?” Is your publisher in on this?

Not really. By “we” I mean “me.” I just say “we” so people will assume that I’ve got some big corporate team around me like my boy Cliff Graham. So, like, the royal we, I guess.

Would it be safe to call you a maverick of publishing?

Nothing’s safe when you’re dealing with a maverick. But yes. There’s a certain way things are supposed to be done in the publishing world, a rhythm that most everyone follows. But your Stephen Altrogges, Ted Klucks, Cliff Grahams, and Zachary Bartelses just won’t dance to that tune.  We’ve got Trip Lee blasting so loud from the tweeters of our minivans that we can’t even hear it.

So what does this “relaunch” consist of?

The book is on sale for starters. The e-book is only $2.99 (all digital platforms)!  Also, my short story double-header God Rest Ye Motor City is FREE today and tomorrow. And I’ve got an online event tonight, which will consist of me giving away books and being charming while pretending it’s not weird to have an “event” on Facebook.

Aren’t “online events” always sad?

Yes. But once you know it will be sad on some level, you can use that. I’m calling this one The Last Con Relaunch Virtual Flash Mob. To make it sound, um, edgy? Also, I’m calling it a flash mob because I created the Facebook event the morning of.

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