Goodness from the Interwebs 11/20

  • Puns are great. Illustrated puns are even better!
  • Maybe if this toddler had been there to respond Adele wouldn’t have been so sad in her new song, “Hello.”
  • You remember Nanna from Peter Pan, the dog who was nanny? Well this German Shepherd is a real life nanny! And for the record a cat would never do this. A cat would go steal the bed while the kid works. (Watch on YouTube)

  • I got a little nerd fanboy happy about this one – a real life video interview with John Ronald Reuel Tolkien from the BBC in 1968! Start at about 2:40 to skip a bunch of trips 60s nonsense and space college students. It’s slow. It’s not in-depth. But just watching the legend himself is fascinating. (Watch on Vimeo)