Goodness from the Interwebs for 12/11

  • I’m not old. Then again maybe I am. Here are 22 experiences I had all the time growing up that my children never will.
  • These are incredible – newly restored photographs of Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic voyage. Stunning.
  • In 2014 31 rolls of film were developed This would be news on it’s own because it’s was film, in 2014. But these rolls of film were from World War 2 and had never been developed. They are beautiful for their capturing of the normal moments of a soldier’s life. You can skip to 5:50 if you want to skip the part about how they were developed and just see the photos instead. (Watch on Vimeo)
  • This footage from a drone flying above Lake Iliamna and the surrounding area in Alaska is stunning. It captures the Sockeye Salmon run, and that, combined with the surrounding scenery, is truly beautiful.