How and Why to Start a Podcast

Recently on the 5 Leadership Questions podcast, one I co-host with Todd Adkins, we talked with Jonathan Howe, the co-host and producer of Rainer on Leadership and The SBC This Week, about what it takes to start and run a successful podcast. Podcasting is booming as a medium and is a fresh way to share content and extend the reach of one’s influence. It is a great tool for leaders and organizations (or anyone with a particular interest). It’s also a LOT of fun. Below you’ll find some of the best quotes, a list of recommended resources to get started, and links where you can find the podcast.

In the podcast we answer the following questions:

  • Why should someone start a podcast?
  • What are some of the formats of podcasts for people to consider?
  • How can someone choose the content and format that’s right for them?
  • How do you host and launch a podcast?
  • What are your favorite podcasts?

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“If you already have a blog or platform a Podcast is an extension.”

“If writing isn’t your thing podcasting is a great way to get started”

“Podcasts work well for expanding your audience.”

“If something is your heartbeat, what you do, talking about it is really easy.”

“A podcast, like a blog, should not be a place where you can just go on and throw all your unfiltered thoughts about anything or everything to the world.”

“Think of it as a way to inform, educate, or entertain.”

“There needs to be a uniqueness to your voice.”

“Be prepared: it comes every week. It is always there.”

“Don’t start a podcast unless you’re already doing something in that space.”

“Think about the audience and how they can consume the podcast.”

“Most people can’t do monologues.”

“In the interview format the success of the podcast is based on the strength of the guests.”

“Before you start, invest a LOT of time up front. Count the cost.”

“Learn from others before you make your own mistakes.”

“The nice thing about podcasts is that you can change.”

“If you get in the podcast space you begin to see everything through that lens.”

“Podcasting is not expensive, but it’s also not free.”

“You need a web presence. Get a legit website. Get a site that’s self hosted.”

“It’s good for us to do show notes. It’s good to share the best quotes.”

“You need to have equipment, software, and artwork.”

“Lawyer up on your music.”

“You have to have a place on line for people to connect to it and you have to be present in social media.”

“Beg people for ratings and reviews.”

“This is iTunes’s world and we just live in it.”

“Podcasting and blogging is not a place for people to be overly humble.”

“Drop content constantly.”

“Don’t be afraid to share the podcast episode multiple times.”

“One of the best ways to prepare to launch a podcast is to listen to lots of podcasts.”

“Listen to podcasts because it’s one of the best ways to engage all different kinds of content.”

“You have a better chance of succeeding with a podcast than with a blog if you do it well.”


Rainer on Leadership with Thom Rainer and Jonathan Howe

SBC This Week with Jonathan Howe and Amy Whitfield

The Happy Rant with Barnabas Piper, Ted Kluck, and Ronnie Martin

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