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FREE STUFF ALERT. I am going write a bit about Logos. If you already know about Logos and would like to enter the Logos Cloud Giveaway, feel free to scroll to the end of this post. No, seriously, I won’t mind.

Workflow and process have always fascinated me. “How it gets done” matters to me almost as much as “what gets done.” I love the How I Work series on Lifehacker and one of my favorite recent vacation reads was “Daily Rituals: How Artists Work” by Mason Currey.

I should be clear – I understand that no one has asked how I, Josh, work, but I’m going to tell you a little about it anyway because this is the Internet.


One of the tools I use every day is Logos Cloud – both in my ministry as a pastor and as a disciple of Jesus. Logos isn’t some sort of magic bean that will transform your spiritual life – no tool can do that – but it is a very helpful means by which you can become a more serious student of the Bible.

I started using Logos 5 a couple of years ago, particularly in the preparation of sermons and other teachings. I immediately enjoyed the convenience of having all my commentaries and lexicons in one place, synced between my devices. I understand that you might be one of those old school hipsters who can’t imagine not using physical books and thinks e-books are lame. That’s fine, but I’m not that guy. I have found Bible software to be a helpful and convenient means for digging into a text and mining the riches that are there with the help of those who have gone before.


I was recently provided with a copy of Logos Cloud for this review. In using it, I have been very pleased to find that Logos Cloud has taken what was great about Logos and made it even better. Logos Cloud works alongside Logos Software to give you access to your library in the cloud. In addition to your desktop app, you can access your library online. From any browser on any computer, you can go to and view all your resources. That’s not only convenient, its efficient in an increasingly cloud based computing world.

There is a mobile app as well, and I’ve been using it on my iPad for keeping up with my daily reading and prayer list. It works really well and is very intuitive.

Historically, one significant barrier to having access to all this goodness has been price. Logos ain’t cheap, y’all, and for students, seminarians on a budget, it’s a big up-front investment. That’s even more true for a small group leader or Bible Study teacher who has limited resources.

Logos Cloud goes a long way in addressing that problem by making it more affordable, offering three monthly packages that are scaled to suit your needs.


Logos Cloud Essentials is geared toward equipping you in your daily devotions and your bible study teaching. It will give you answers to your questions about the Bible, help you understand people, places and passages in the Scriptures, and give you rich visuals and videos to illuminate the text.

The Essentials package is $8.99 per month.

Logos Cloud Plus is for sermon and paper writing. It includes all the features of Essentials, while adding a larger media library to help you understand the original Greek and Hebrew, how the early church understood the Bible, and the context into which the original author was writing.

The Plus package is $19.99 per month.

Logos Cloud Premium gives you the complete set of Logos cloud features and a massive collection of resources to help academics and scholars dive deep into the text. From the differences to ancient manuscripts to deep language work, Logos Cloud Premium is the real deal.

The Premium package is $49.99 per month.


The first month is free, and you can cancel at any time. So you’ve got literally nothing to lose by signing up for the trial today.

As for my other daily tools and rituals, perhaps we’ll get into those some other time. Or perhaps not.


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