The Best Search Terms of The Month

Analyze this how you will, but these are the best searches leading people to this site in the past month or so.


We can only assume this isn’t actually Amish people doing the searching what with electricity and internet being necessary. So let’s assume it’s Stephen Altrogge’s fixation with Amish romance novels.

How to be like Raymond Reddington

Apparently there are a measurable number of people who would like to be a fedora-wearing, witty, smug, playboy billionaire who is untouchable by the law and has an odd fixation with an attractive young female FBI profiler. I guess this isn’t that surprising.

The internet makes us all miserable

And then Google pointed them here. A pox on you and your house, Google. You make people miserable.

What can I thank I thank God for?

This website and all the posts therein. I guess Google redeemed itself.

Christian Dating Guidelines

We’re nothing if not dating experts. Actually, make that courtship experts since dating I morally questionable. And remember, leave room for the Holy Spirit.

Hot Wife / Wife Hot

I have a sneaking suspicion the searchers were disappointed by what they found.

The Blazing Centre

Learn how to spell American, Brits.

How to see that you are a pastor’s kid

Step 1: Determine if either of your parents are pastors.

If yes, then yes. If no, then no.

Anger Kid

This is the worst possible super hero idea.

How to look for in husband on first date

So many layers here! Looking for what? Or are you looking for the husband? Or are you already married and this is your first date as a married couple? Or did you mean “what” instead of “how” and if so, how do you know the person is your future husband? I feel like there might be some issues to be worked out here both grammatically and relationally.


No wait, this is the worst super hero idea ever.