NEW HAPPY RANT: Travel Woes, Talking Hitler, and Easter Eggstravaganzas

In this week’s episode of The Happy Rant Ted, Barnabas, and Ronnie touch on the most pressing and contentious issues of the week. They even battle through bad hotel wi-fi connections because Ted is big time and traveling to exotic places, like Ohio.

  • United Airline’s treatment of passengers, particularly their unique way of “reaccommodating” passengers forcefully
  • Our worst travel experiences
  • Why Hitler should just never be brought into public discourse or compared to anyone ever anywhere
  • Easter Plans and eggstravaganzas

Our show this week is sponsored by Nav Press and their new book Words From The Hill by Stu Garrard. It is an invitation into the beatitudes and shares stories about how these teachings of Jesus have shaped the lives and faith of believers facing trials and persecution around the world.

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Episode #137

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