C.J. Mahaney, Anger, and the Beltway

Over at Josh Harris’ blog, he has several pictures of C.J. Mahaney laughing hysterically. Read the post for more details. The pictures reminded of me of how much I appreciate C.J.’s sense of humor. Here’s a hilarious story from one of his sermons where he talks about an experience he had while driving on the beltway. Click on the play button below to listen to the story.

Click here to download the story.

C.J. Mahaney Asks If You Spin Plates

As part of the C.J. Mahaney project, I’m attempting to listen to all of C.J’s messages that are available online and pull out the humorous illustrations. As I’ve noted before, C.J. uses humor to wonderfully illustrate the points in his message. In this hilarious story, C.J. Mahaney compares a legalist to someone that is constantly spinning plates. To download the story click here. You can download the sermon by clicking here.

C.J. Mahaney and Laptops

As part of my C.J. Mahaney Project, I’m attempting to listen to all 70 Mahaney messages from the Sovereign Grace Ministries website and then extract the humorous illustrations used during the message. By God’s grace I will laugh and I will change as I listen to these messages.

In this story, told in The Main Thing (Part 1), C.J. tells the story of him spilling coffee on his laptop, his sinful reaction after spilling coffee, and then the condemnation he felt after sinning. C.J. uses this illustration to help us understand how to overcome condemnation.

You can listen to or download the story by clicking here.

The C.J. Mahaney Project

C.J. Mahaney is one of my favorite preachers. In addition to being a phenomenal speaker, he is also a hilarious storyteller. In light of this, I recently downloaded all 70 C.J. Mahaney messages from the Sovereign Grace Ministries website in an effort to find the funniest of C.J.’s stories. I then hope to bring all the stories together into one simple location. Here’s a story I found yesterday in a message entitled The Idol Factory.

You can listen to or download the story by clicking here.

UPDATE: I received this very insightful email from Bob Kauflin (who has worked very closely with C.J. for years) regarding C.J.’s use of humor in sermons.

Just saw your post on putting CJ?s funny stories together. What a great idea! I thought it might be helpful though if you emphasized that CJ isn?t just funny to be funny. He uses humor selectively to build rapport with those who are listening, humble himself, and especially to illustrate a particular point of the passage. He doesn?t use it as much as he used to so that his humor doesn?t detract from the text. I think those are important points that could help people understand WHY he chooses to use humor. Then the illustrations become a teaching tool. CJ?s use of humor also helps people apply truth to their lives and grow in their discernment. So different from the way humor is often used!

Excellent points indeed. Keep these in mind as you listen to C.J. tell hilarious stories.