Spiritual Runners

“The reason no one can come to Jesus is that it is not our nature to come. It is our nature, and therefore our will, to flee from Christ, not come to him. The fact is, and a sad fact at that, we do not want to come. We are delighted not to come. We willingly and freely and voluntarily choose to stay in our sin and unbelief, because we find nothing at all in Jesus that is alluring, appealing, truthful, or in any way an improvement on what we already are and have on our own.” – Sam Storms, Chosen For Life

Jesus Christ is the most beautiful, glorious, attractive person that exists. Everything about Him is good and sweet to the soul. Think of all the things that make a person attractive: beauty, intelligence, kindness, integrity, strength – all these and more are found to the fullest in Jesus. Yet in our sick and twisted sinful state, we had no love for Christ. We didn’t find Him attractive, beautiful, or desirable. In fact, we found Him disgusting and repulsive. We wanted nothing to do with His ways, His thoughts, or His plans. The very thought of His presence evoked pure hatred in us.

But there came a sweet day when Jesus found us lying in the filthy, leprous, muck of our sin, picked us up, and breathed life into us. He wiped away the spiritual disease that blinded our eyes and allowed us to glimpse something of His glorious beauty. He removed the awful, stinking rags of sin that clung to us, and clothed us in pure garments of righteousness. We wanted nothing to do with Him, yet He wanted everything to do with us. What an incredibly kind God we serve.

Do you remember when Christ first began to appear attractive to you? Do you remember when you saw Jesus as He really is for the first time? As you go about your day, let your heart be filled with gratitude to the Savior. You never would have found Him, but He found you.

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