The Point Of It All

“God did not sovereignly choose you so that the idea of his choosing you might merely bounce around in your brain. He chose you for worship, which I define as the proclamation of His excellencies and your extravagantly affectionate and inexpressibly joyful delight in them.” – Sam Storms, Chosen For Life

The sovereign electing grace of God is one of those theological ideas that can simply bounce around in our head without ever making it down to our heart. We can know that God chose to save us without ever feeling the slightest inkling of gratefulness. At times I think of election just like I think of stock prices or the weather – with the cold intellect.

But the doctrine of election is intended to set our hearts aflame with passion for Jesus. Think about it for a moment, God chose to save you. Why? Why did He spare you from a torturous, blistering eternity in hell? Why did He choose to pour out lavish blessings on you? Only because of His sovereign grace. We’ve done absolutely nothing to deserve it, nothing to merit his kindness.

What’s the appropriate response to the glorious doctrine of election? Loud, extravagant, joyful, heartfelt, worship. When we think of God’s saving grace at work in our lives, we should be filled with gratefulness to Him and the joy of our salvation.

As you go about your day, take time to meditate on the fact that God saved you, and let your heart be filled with joyful devotion.

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