Sting vs. Small-Time Worship Leaders

Okay, it’s official, Sting has one of the best voices in rock ‘n roll. On Monday night I went to see The Police in concert, and I must admit, it was pretty incredible. First of all, Sting is like 142 years old and is still way cooler than I’ll ever be. He had an untrimmed neck beard for crying out loud! Only Sting could make that look cool. In addition to being cool, Sting is simply an unparalleled musician. His bass riffs and vocal runs were simply off the charts. The concert was great.

At one point during the concert, Sting was leading 13,000 adoring fans in the passionate singing of the following profound lyrics: “Do Do Do Da Da Da, Is all I want to say to you.” In that moment I couldn’t help but think of my friend Luke.

Every other Wednesday night Jen, myself, and six other couples gather together in someone’s home for a time of singing, Biblical discussion, and good eats. Luke leads the singing on his old, beat-up acoustic guitar. In one sense there’s nothing particularly special about the singing. Just a few people quietly singing to the Lord. Compared to Sting and The Police, it seems tame, boring, almost insignificant. But in reality, what Luke does is far greater and more glorious. Luke is truly great in God’s eyes. Why? In Matthew 20:26-28 Jesus put it this way:

But whoever would be great among you must be your servant, and whoever would be first among you must be your slave, even as the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.

In the world’s eyes, Sting is great. Everybody wants to be with Sting and like Sting. But God isn’t impressed with rock ‘n roll heroes. God is impressed by servants. Those who are great in God’s eyes are those who are nothing special in the world’s eyes. Quiet, humble, faithful servants. People just like Luke.

Not many people see Luke leading worship on Wednesday nights. But God does. I want to be like Luke when I grow up.

Stephen Altrogge

I'm a husband, dad, writer. I drink too much coffee and know too much about Star Wars. I created The Blazing Center. I've also written some books which people seem to like. You can follow me on Twitter and Facebook