What Happened To The Sovereignty Of God?

It was one of those ?teachable moments? a dad can seize to impress spiritual truth on the tender minds of his children.

We were driving to Maryland, where I was supposed to speak in a church that evening.? We weren?t running late, but we didn?t have any time to spare.? About 30 minutes into the 3 hour trip, we came upon stalled traffic.? Up ahead we could see the orange signs of a construction area.

After sitting there for awhile, being the model of godliness that I was, I put my hands behind my head, stretched, and with the very faith of Abraham said, ?Well kids, it?s times like these it?s good to trust in the sovereignty of God.? Yep.? God?s in control.? Don?t have a thing to worry about.?? What comfort, what assurance, what peace my mighty faith must have given my family.? Surely someday a bronze statue of me would mark the spot, with the inscription “The Man of Faith.”

About 1.2 minutes later we still weren?t moving.? Looking at my watch, I suddenly blurted out, ?This is not good!?

My wife, Kristi, slowly turned to look at me with an expression of disbelief, amusement and pity.? ?What happened to the sovereignty of God??

?Oh, yeah.? God is sovereign.? Of course.? I know that.? Don?t you think I know that?? I was just testing to see if you knew that.?

How quickly we can cave in our faith.? How easily we can trust God one moment, then doubt him the next.? Colossians tells us that we must “continue in the faith, stable and steadfast, not shifting from the hope of the gospel that you heard” (1:23). We must continue to trust in the mighty power of his cross to justify us before him.? Continue to trust God?s promises and faithfulness despite what our eyes see.? Continue to trust that he?s sovereign though everything seems out of control, and to believe he?s good despite pain and suffering.

It?s not enough to burst out of the starting gate, we need to hold fast to Christ until the end of the race.

So keep clinging to the One who?s holding you; keep trusting the One whose everlasting arms are underneath you.

photo by haydnseek

Mark Altrogge

I’m a pastor at Saving Grace Church in Indiana, PA. I’m married to Kristi, have 5 kids, and a growing number of grandkids. I enjoy songwriting, oil painting and coffee, not necessarily in that order.