More Important Than A Dream Job

“But I say to you, seek first the best job you can get in the sweetest location you can find and the kingdom of God will be added to you…maybe.”

Within the next few weeks, thousands of graduates will be unleashed into real life and the job market like dandelion parachutes floating in the wind.? Maybe you’re one of them.

If you’re a Christian, consider this when searching for a job.? Make your top priority finding and joining a “solid” church.? Once a man told me he had an opportunity to take a high-paying dream job in a particular area.? I asked if he knew of a good church there.? “No, but I’m sure there will be one.? There are good churches everywhere.”? Several years later, I saw him and his wife and they had yet to find a church to settle in.

Here are some questions to ask of a potential church:

  • Do the pastors preach the gospel?? Many churches preach how we should live yet fail to preach Jesus Christ and him crucified.? Is the church Christ-centered and cross-centered?
  • Does the church place a high priority on sound doctrine?? Does it believe the Bible is the inspired, inerrant word of God?? Sound doctrine shapes our whole view of God, not to mention work, relationships, marriage, parenting, suffering and all of life.
  • Do the pastors receive care and accountability from anyone outside the church?
  • Does the church have small groups or other structures for practicing biblical fellowship and applying the Word?
  • Does the church pursue the active presence of the Holy Spirit?
  • Does the church encourage heartfelt, expressive worship?
  • Do the members love, serve, and care for one another?
  • Does the church seek to reach the lost for Christ?

God knows you need a job. But take this advice from Matthew 6:

Therefore do not be anxious, saying, ?What shall we eat?? or ?What shall we drink?? or ?What shall we wear?? For the Gentiles seek after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them all. But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. (31-33)

What would be better for your soul – a dream job, or a great church?? Seek first God’s kingdom, expessed in a local church, and he’ll take care of the job.

For some great reading on this topic check out Stop Dating the Church by Joshua Harris and 9 Marks of a Healthy Church by Mark Dever.

photo by pensiero

Mark Altrogge

I’m a pastor at Saving Grace Church in Indiana, PA. I’m married to Kristi, have 5 kids, and a growing number of grandkids. I enjoy songwriting, oil painting and coffee, not necessarily in that order.