I’m a Greedy, Discontented Pig


Discontentment does funny things to me. Like turn me into a greedy, ungrateful pig.

Point in case: my budget. There are times when money is a teensy bit on the tight side. My bank account starts running thin, and the McDonald?s value menu starts to look like a little bit of heaven. You?ve all been there.

You would think that when things get tight I would become more grateful for the things that I already have. But that?s not what happens. Instead, my discontented heart latches on to the one or two things I can?t buy because of budget restrictions.

I?m living in a wonderful house. I?ve got the best wife, baby girl, mom and dad, brothers and sister, and dogs (okay scratch the dogs) in the world. I have ten Bibles in my house. I have enough money to keep my daughter full of nutritious food. I have clean water. Above anything else, I have the gospel. Salvation. Fellowship with the living God.

But in the heat of discontentment, I don?t give a rip about any of these things. Instead, I become fixated on the one or two things I can?t have. Instead of bursting with gratefulness to God, I?m shriveling up with self-centered discontent.

Thomas Watson put it well when he said:

?our hearts are more discontented at one loss than thankful for a hundred mercies. God has plucked one branch of grapes from you, but how many precious clusters are left behind?

So what?s the solution for my mutinous, discontented heart? I need to spend time pondering the mercies of God. To reflect on the gospel and all the blessings that I?ve received in the gospel. To give thanks for all that I have received.

Discontentment doesn?t grow well in the soil of thankfulness. Let?s cultivate the soil of thankfulness today.

What about you? Can you relate to my discontented frenzy?

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