Does Productivity Hurt the Gospel?


Sometimes I wonder if our culture of efficiency is hurting me spiritually.

I love to be productive. I like to read blogs that have posts titled ?6 Ways to Get Everything Done? or ?The Ultimate Productivity Guide?. And don?t get me started on the book ?Getting Things Done?. Just thinking about GTD makes my lips get numb with excitement.

Lately though I?ve been wondering if my passion for productivity also tempts me toward legalism. To be honest, I usually feel like I should be doing something. I have this vague notion that I must always be productive and I have a difficult time simply resting. Sometimes I feel vaguely guilty when I relax.

And I know that some of this is good. I want to work hard in the service of the Lord. But the gospel is first and foremost about something that?s has already been done for me. I don?t work for the gospel, I rest in it. God delights in me because of what He has done, not what I will do.

It?s okay, and even good for me to do nothing at times. To rest. To watch a movie. To sit on the porch and sip coffee. To even (dare I say it?) play video games. Rest is a wonderful gift from God, and a wonderful reminder of the rest that I have in the gospel. I can rest without guilt because Christ worked for my salvation.

I?m still pondering this one. Any thoughts?

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+photo by Saad.Akhtar