7 Reasons I Love the ESV Study Bible


So this week the ESV Study Bible is turning one. In honor of my favorite Study Bible, I wanted to provide you with seven reasons I love the ESV Study Bible.

  • It can be used for self-defense if I get trapped in a dark alley by a communist mob boss. The smart folks at Crossway realized that there will be times when a Bible needs to double as a weapon, and so they created a Study Bible that has some serious weight. Don’t come too close bad guys or, “WHAM” – Bible to the kidney.
  • It’s packed with helpful articles. Before each book of the Bible is a helpful section explaining the purpose of the book, outline of the book, recipients of the book, etc. There’s an article on the history of salvation in the OT, the Bible and world religions, the Septuagint, and loads of other clarifying articles.
  • It’s too large to fit into Bible cases. No praying hands, bald eagles, or pictures of Dale Jarret on this Bible. It just won’t fit. And I like it that way.
  • Smart guys at my disposal. The study notes were not written by folks of average intelligence like myself. If I had written the study notes most of them would have said, “I’m not exactly sure what this means but I think it has something to do with prayer.” Fortunately, the notes were written by world class biblical scholars Thomas Shreiner, Wayne Grudem, and Iain Duguid. It’s like I have them with me each morning as I read my Bible.
  • It comes in leather. I have the calfskin version of the Study Bible, and I’m pretty sure that’s the version that John Wayne, Chuck Norris, and Macho Man Randy Savage would use. And maybe King James.
  • Diagrams galore. There’s a well known saying: “A diagram is worth approximately 400 words”, which is another reason to love the Study Bible. It’s packed with diagrams. The book of John alone has diagrams for: Specific References to Jesus as God, Seven Signs Pointing to Jesus as the Messiah, Tangible Images of Belief in Christ, Physical Items Used By Jesus to Describe Spiritual Truths, and six others.
  • It promotes physical health. Carry this baby around for a week and see if you don’t notice a change in your biceps. How do you think I got to be so strong?

I absolutely love the Study Bible and am so grateful to the folks at Crossway for making it accessible. Go out and get one. I mean right now.

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