Your Failure, God’s Plan

How do you handle total failure?

I’m not talking about trying to fix your bathtub and instead setting it on fire. I’m not talking about a missed layup or forgetting an appointment. I mean big, life-altering failure.

The girl you were so interested in isn’t so interested in you. The ministry you lead and love gets shut down due to lack of participation. The promotion you wanted vaporizes. Your financial stability is turned upside down. Then what?

In his upcoming book Rescuing Ambition, Dave Harvey makes the following, helpful statement:

The divine perspective on human failure is this: Failure is ambition refused for a better plan.

At times God refuses our ambitions for marriage or ministry or kids or missions so that He can carry out His better plan. God allows us to fail so that He can put us on a better path. God redirects us onto a path that will bring Him more glory and us more joy than our little ambitions ever could.

I’m going to fail in my life. I want to remember that there is a better plan than my own.

Questions for discussion:

  • What is one way that you’ve seen God use your failure for His good?
  • What does it look like to honor God in the midst of failure?

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