Unstoppable Questions: #1


If God is for us, who can be against us? (Romans 8:31)

God is 100% for you today. He isn’t 99% for you and 1% against you. He is 100% totally for you. He is 100% committed to your good and your spiritual success.

If the almighty God is for you, can anything be against you? I mean, seriously, think about it. The one who created the universe is on your team and has put his power on your side.

Is there anything that can stand before the force of God on your side? Is there any sin that won’t be overcome, any trial that will defeat you? Is there any broken relationship or source of heartache that God can’t use for your good? No! Even my own sins and failures can’t stop God from making me more like Christ.

What is standing against you today? Do you believe that God is 100% for you?

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