Don’t Let Discouragement Bully You

Too often we let ourselves get pushed around by discouragement.

I’ll never overcome this particular sin. My child will never come to faith in Christ. What if God doesn’t provide for me this time? Is my life going anywhere? Does God really have good plans for me?

We let thoughts like these push us around, discourage, and steal our joy. The only way to fight back against the bully is through active faith in God and His promises. Samuel Ward says,

But what good is this faith if it is not used? It is like a soldier, with a sword at his side, not drawing his weapon when he is attacked. If a discouragement overtakes, cannot faith say to your soul, ‘Why are you disturbed? Know and consider in whom you believe.’ (Living Faith)

Are you pulling out the sword of faith and fighting discouragement, or are you letting discouragement have its way?

So here’s the questions of the day:

  • Are you actively putting faith in God and his word, or are you letting discouragement push you around?
  • What scriptures have encouraged when you have been discouraged?

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