Don’t Trust Your Sweetest Frame


I dare not trust the sweetest frame, but wholly lean on Jesus name. On Christ the solid rock I stand…

There are going to be many times when my relationship with Christ is sweet, and I find myself in the “sweetest frame”. Scripture seems alive, I see more of Christ through every sermon, and my prayers are passionate.

Other times I won’t be in a sweet frame. I’ll be in the desert. Reading scripture will be work, prayer will seem excruciating, and I won’t have the slightest sense of the presence of God.

In the sweet times I’m tempted to believe that God delights in me because of my devotion. In the dry times I’m tempted to despair of God ever loving me. It can feel like a roller coaster at times.

But I dare not trust the sweetest frame. In sweet times I rely solely on the righteousness of Christ. I stand on Christ the solid rock. And I dare not despair during the dry times, because I still stand on Christ, solid rock.

God’s love, affection, and care for me never diminish while I stand on the Solid Rock.

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