What Made The Cross So Heavy?


When Simon was forced to carry the cross for Christ, all he did was haul some wood.? Christ carried infinitely more.

[Simon] carried only the wood of [the cross], he did not bear the sin that made it such a load. Christ did but transfer to Simon the outward frame, the mere tree. But the curse of the tree, which was our sin and its punishment, rested on Jesus’ shoulders still. Dear friend, if you think that you suffer all that a Christian can suffer, if all God’s billows roll over you, yet remember, there is not one drop of wrath in all your sea of sorrow. Jesus took the wrath. Jesus carried the sin.” — Charles Spurgeon

Today on Good Friday, let us praise Jesus that he bore the load of our sin, so we would never have to.? Any cross we have to bear is light by comparison.? Thank you, Jesus, for bearing our curse!

photo by American Backroom

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