Post #1,000 – How To Write A Killer Blog Post


Inspirational photo suggesting that this blog post could radically change your life

Opening bold-faced question that challenges people’s assumptions about life, politics, and the state of their souls?

Bullet list that boils life’s most difficult problems into five simple steps:

  • Point so broad that the only people it doesn’t apply to are dead.
  • Powerful. Statement. Marked. By. Lots. Of. Punctuation.
  • Common sense thing that people already do anyway so that they feel like they’re already on their way to success.
  • “Profound sounding quote from a famous person.”
  • Inspirational concluding point suggesting that these steps have the power to turn you into the person you always wanted to be but never could be because of your bad skin complexion or awkward social skills.

Scripture reference which serves as a bridge between your insightful list and the rest of your life changing blog post.

John Piper quote to back up your scripture reference.

Reference to a current event that remotely ties into the subject of your blog post. The reference should either be a pop culture reference (LOST, 24, John Mayer), demonstrating that you’ve got your finger on society, or a reference to a controversial event (BP Spill), demonstrating that you are sensitive to issues that matter.

Bold-faced outlandish statement that again calls everything into question or challenges a well known individual.

Brief, pithy, italicized statement that people will use for Facebook and Twitter updates.

Short, personal, humorous anecdote that shows people that you’re human too. This works best when it includes a reference to your children or a trip you once took.

Rhetorical question?

Final, concluding paragraph that includes at least one well-crafted, artfully-designed, hyphen-packed phrase that will stick in people’s mind. Ending sentence that suggests that more will be said on this topic.

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Stephen Altrogge

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