How Do I Know When I’m Really Understanding the Gospel?

How can I know when I am really, truly understanding the gospel?

When it seems too good to be true.

The more astonished I feel at the gospel, the more I’m understanding and applying the gospel. The more I find myself saying, “This is just so hard to believe!”, the more I’m getting to the heart of the gospel.

Because the gospel cuts against everything that feels true. It feels like I should have to give something to God in payment for my salvation. It feels like I must be able to, or required to add something to Jesus’ finished work. The idea of receiving salvation as a completely free gift feel so…unnatural.

And the gospel is unnatural. It’s supernatural. Only God could come up with a plan for salvation where he gets the glory and we get the grace. The gospel seems almost ridiculous it’s so good.

So how does the gospel strike you today? Does it seem to good to be true?

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