Kevin DeYoung and Dave Harvey on Cultivating Godly Habits

Kevin DeYoung is a pastor, author, and Michigan State fan. Dave Harvey is an author and is responsible for church care, church planting, and international expansion for Sovereign Grace Ministries. Today they both answer the question, ?What is a godly habit that has significantly affected your walk with the Lord, and how did you cultivate that habit?? This is part four of the ?Godly Habits? series.

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Kevin answers:

Good question. When I was in college I developed the habit of going on prayer walks. Sometimes this involves praying for the people and places I walk by, but usually it simply means I have my prayer time while walking. I don’t walk fast. In fact, I’m sure I sort of meander around. The goal is not exercise, but simply to keep my body active. It helps me focus, stay awake, and pray longer. I frequently will go out walking to pray with others too. It makes prayer easier and more enjoyable for me.

Dave took a slightly different approach to the question and answered:

Since habits are so addictive, I?ve tried to move more outside-the-box in my application.? For instance, I like to practice ?self-encouragement? ? a merger of the biblical command to encourage with my hearts demand for approval.? Each day I make a conscious effort to encourage myself in some new and creative manner.? It could be a fragrance choice, (?That cologne is exquisite Dave.?), or perhaps an incisive comment I just made (?That insight was stupendous, I mean really Solomon-like.?), or maybe a much needed back-slapping on marriage or parenting (?Kimm & the kids will be writing books about you one day slugger!?).? Self-encouragement fills the void left by others who overlook my qualities.? It never fully satisfies, but I think it qualifies as a habit.? I?ve seen others, like for instance your father Mark, use it to great advantage.

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