Matt Perman on Cultivating Godly Habits (Part Two)

This is part two of the “Godly Habits” series. Today Matt Perman answers the question, “What is a godly habit that has significantly strengthened your walk with the Lord, and how did you cultivate that habit?”

Matt is the director of strategy at Desiring God Ministries. He also blogs on productivity and management at What?s Best Next. You can read part one here.


Matt answers:

One habit that has seriously benefited my walk with the Lord has been reading. When I was a kid I would look through the Bible out of curiosity and for answers to various questions. I didn’t read many books, though, because I thought it was largely a waste of time–that it was better to be outside. Towards the end of high school, though, I encountered an RC Sproul video at an FCA meeting and I thought “this is really interesting–and this guy is giving very helpful answers to the main objections to Christianity that I’m seeing people bring up.” That showed me that there were helpful resources out there.

Around this time I also started thumbing through various books on the faith when I would come across them at people’s houses or when I was near a bookstore. The first book I ever bought was actually a book on Bible prophecy. It captured my interest and led to reading becoming a formal habit–although now I would disagree with most of the teaching of that book! Reading books on Bible prophecy led to books on apologetics, which led to books on theology, and on and on. A whole new world opened up and I continue reading all that I can to this day.

Thanks Matt! Stay tuned as we talk to Tim Challies tomorrow.

The book Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by Donald Whitney is a helpful book in this regard. You can get it here.

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