Tim Challies On Cultivating Godly Habits

Tim Challies is an author, prolific blogger, and actually invented the Internet. Today Tim answers the question, “What is a godly habit that has significantly affected your walk with the Lord, and how did you cultivate that habit?” This is part three of the “Godly Habits” series. You can read part 1 and part 2.

Tim answers:

Thanks for asking, Stephen. If I may be so bold, I want to change the question just a little bit, substituting the word discipline in place of habit. Let me talk about one discipline I’ve learned that has seriously benefited my walk with the Lord.

The discipline I want to point to is that of inviting people to probe deep into my life. This is something I do now largely with my fellow elders at Grace Fellowship Church (gfcto.com). Together we ask tough questions, we answer honestly, and we invite input, even (and perhaps especially) if it is input that can be difficult to hear. We all feel that we need to be more committed to godliness than to comfort and so we invite encouragement, sharpening and rebuke from one another.

This is not an opportunity for us to complain about all that is wrong about one another. Instead, it is a time in which we seek to ensure that we are living lives that match the high office God has called us to. We know we cannot do this without the assistance of other men who are also committed to godliness. And so we spend time every week simply getting into one another’s lives.

Having such relationships has already been invaluable in helping me identify, battle and overcome certain sins that have afflicted me. It has also helped me become a better elder as these men have helped me identify weaknesses and blind spots. And I know that God will continue to use this as one of his means of grace toward me.

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