These Are My Heroes

I love Mark Driscoll, and C.J. Mahaney, and John Piper, and many other big name pastors and preachers who have affected my life.

But they’re not my heroes.

Most people don’t know my heroes, and probably never will know them.

Like Tim and Donna, who have faithfully led a small groups for 20+ years, served in children’s ministry, played on the worship team, and blessed countless people in the church.

Like Ian and Larissa, who are demonstrating what the love of Christ truly looks like.

Like Marty and MaryAnn, who have used their empty nest to welcome college students into the church.

Like my in-laws, Matt and Pat, who co-lead our children’s ministry despite having no young children.

Like my mom and dad, who poured themselves into five kids, and taught me what it means to really follow Jesus.

Like my wife, Jen, who stays at home with our girls so that I can use my abilities to serve the church.

And like many, many others in my church.

These are my heroes.

+photo by yosoyjulito

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