3 Gifts That Everybody Is Talking About

Here at The Blazing Center, we want to make your Christmas special. To do that, we’ve put together a list of the three hottest gifts that everyone is talking about. These are gifts that will make that special someone feel like a special someone, and not just an average someone or a mediocre someone. Here are the gifts that will transform your Christmas from mediocre to most excellent.

The Study Bible Sherpa:

Are you tired of throwing your back out every time you pick up your study Bible? Have you had one too many hernias? Do you ever find yourself wanting to share a scripture with someone, only to realize that you can’t even pick up your Bible? Then you need the study Bible Sherpa.

Coming to you directly from the Himalayan mountains, a study Bible Sherpa can handle all of your lifting needs this year. Do you have a bulky Bible cover with a picture of an eagle on the front? No problem. Let the Sherpa do the lifting for you. Do you have four years worth of bulletins stuffed into your Bible? No problem. Let the Sherpa handle it. The study Bible Sherpa takes your Bible to places you could never go! Get it today!

The Pray 4 You App:

How many times has this happened to you? You tell someone that you will be praying for them. Three weeks later you see them again, and you realize that you haven’t uttered a single prayer on their behalf. So, in order to appease your conscience you quickly offer a half-hearted prayer.

Those days are long gone with the official Pray 4 You App, for the iPhone and iPod. This revolutionary app actually does the praying for you. Just enter a name or situation, hit the start key, and forget it! The Pray 4 You App will pray continuously until you tell it to stop. The app has a silent prayer mode and an out loud mode, which includes twenty four customizable voices, including James Earl Jones, Morgan Freeman, and a Wookie. Now you can say, “I’ll pray for you,” and really mean it! Get it today!

The Christian-Speak Decoder Ring:

Are you a new Christian who has trouble understanding what your fellow Christians are saying? Does it seem like they’re speaking in code to each other? Well, it turns out that they probably are. Most Christians speak in a highly specialized code language that can only be understood by a select few, mature Christians. But now, after years of research, the code has finally been cracked. Now, using your special decoder ring, you can understand exactly what a Christian means when he says things like:

  • Burdened
  • Praise report
  • Accountability partner
  • Fellowship
  • And many more!

Our operators are currently standing by, waiting to take your orders. But don’t wait any longer, because these products are going fast. Call today, and make your Christmas one to remember!

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