Does Your Job Really Matter?


You are one of 4,000 residents of Cubicleville USA, and you do the same thing every day. You enter your sensory deprivation chamber, turn on the computing device, and fire up your favorite spreadsheet. For eight hours you crank out numbers that are somehow related to something called ?gross market value? and ?the bottom line?. Some days are good. Some are so boring that you feel like jabbing a mechanical pencil into your eye.

Or maybe you?re on a construction crew and spend your days among nails, two-by-fours, and framing hammers. Or you?re a mom and the bulk of your day is spent cleaning slop and soggy Cheerios.

Does any of this really matter to God, or are you just piddling away your days until you get to heaven? Does God actually care about spreadsheets, nails, and Cheerios?

Actually, He does. Very much. Go back to the beginning.

Genesis 1:1 – God creates. Light splits the darkness, order emerges from the chaos, and it is good. We serve a energetic, creative, ordering God.

Genesis 1:26 – God makes man in his image. In the image of a creative, ordering God. Humanity is given a mandate: take dominion over the earth, cultivate it, make it a pleasant place to live. We are to imitate our creative, ordering God.

Herein lies the connection to spreadsheets, framing hammers, and soggy diapers. When we work, create, and order, we are imitating our God. God loves to see His creatures imitating him.

You?re not just crunching numbers, you are fulfilling the creation mandate, which pleases God very much. You?re not merely building a house, you?re actually imitating God. And much greater things are at stake then a spilled bowl of Cheerios. The glory of God is at stake.

Tomorrow is not just another day at the office. It?s an opportunity to glorify God by taking dominion over the earth.

So work hard. Take dominion. Glorify God.

+photo by karindalziel

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