Drunk Ladies Shouldn’t Judge Sober Baseball Players

I’m pretty sure that they were drunk.

Or at least well on their way to being drunk. I personally witnessed both of them consume two large beers, and it seems possible, even likely, that they had sucked down more than that.

I was at a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game this past Friday night, and I was sitting behind two middle-aged women. At least one of the women was a season ticket holder. Because the Pirates were playing the Philadelphia Phillies, the ballpark was crowded, maybe even sold out, and the majority of people there were Phillies fans.

Philly fans have a hard earned reputation as being the most obnoxious fans in sports, and there were definitely some annoying Philly fans at this game. But the ladies in front of me weren’t obnoxious. At least not at first. However, as the game wore on and the alcohol kicked in, the ladies started to do something that I found very humorous: They started judging the performance of the Pirate players.

After a ground ball scooted past the first baseman, one of the ladies shouted, “He’s a jerk!” She then turned to the other woman and said, “He’s terrible!” Advice was also given to the players by the women: “No high stuff kid!”, and “Don’t walk him!”, and other helpful words of advice.

As I sat behind them and listened, I couldn’t help but laugh. Here were two, middle-aged, slightly drunk women giving advice to some of the best athletes in the world, and screaming at them when their performance wasn’t up to par. And I’ve done the same thing. I’ve yelled at my television, telling LeBron James to, “…just shoot the ball!” and Ben Roethlisberger to, “…get rid of it!” When I think about it, it’s absurd. The middle-aged ladies could never do what professional baseball players do, and neither could I.

Now, if it’s utterly ridiculous for me to judge a professional athlete, how much more absurd is it for me to judge God?

There are many times when I question God’s ways. When I wonder if God really knows what he’s doing. When I think I could do a better job than God when it comes to ruling the universe and ruling my life. If God knew what he were doing, he wouldn’t let me get sick yet again. He wouldn’t let my budget get tight. He wouldn’t…

Isaiah 55:8 says:

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord.

God knows what he’s doing. His ways are not my ways and his thoughts are not my thoughts. He is God and he is good and he is faithful to me. I may not understand him, but then again, that’s what I should expect. After all, I’m clay and he’s the potter. The potter doesn’t need to explain himself to the clay.

It’s not right for drunk ladies to judge professional athletes, and it’s not right for little people like me to judge God. Lord, help me be humble before your wisdom.

+photo by Stephen Drew

Stephen Altrogge

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