I Blame My Father For This

For the most part, my father is to blame.

I’m talking, of course, about my ability to fix cars. There are certain skills that my dad passed along to me, like the ability to rock out on the guitar, the ability to be a coffee snob (I feel sorry for all you Maxwell House drinkers), the ability to catch a pop fly, and the ability to put a worm on a hook. There were other skills that I picked up on my own, such as an incredibly nerdy, in-depth knowledge of the Star Wars trilogy, and the ability to hit a fade away jumper on the basketball court.

My dad isn’t particularly skilled when it comes to car repair, which in turn means that I’m not particularly skilled in the car repair department. I can fill up a gas tank with the best of them, and I know how to replenish the windshield wiper fluid, but not much more than that. Come to think of it, I also know how to jump a car when the battery is dead.

So, if you have car problems, I wouldn’t suggest that you come to me. If you need a new headlight defibrillator, you’ll need to ask somebody else for help. If you’re writing a paper about the Sarlac Pit that Boba Fett falls into in Return of the Jedi, I’m all over that. But not car stuff. Sorry. I don’t have the skills or the money. My resources are seriously limited.

I’m grateful that God isn’t like me. There is no limit to his abilities, his resources, and his power. When we come to God in prayer, we are coming to the one who spoke the universe into existence without breaking a sweat. We’re coming to the one who shuts down entire cities with snowstorms and directs each lightning bolt. We’re coming to the one that is called a consuming fire. We’re coming where angels fear to tread. There is no limit on God’s ability to meet our needs.

But God isn’t just a consuming fire, he’s also a loving Father. He instructs us to call him “Abba”. He has chosen us as his children and has personally invited us to come into the throne room. We come with the freeness and sloppiness of little children coming to their father. The angels don’t call God “Father”, but we do. Because he’s our Father he wants to hear our requests.

The power of God blended with the fatherhood of God are an explosive mix when it comes to prayer. The Infinite King is our father. Talk about a faith builder. His great power and warm heart give us every reason to pray. So pray!

+photo by Phil Roeder

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