Pursue The Right Glory

I?ve been reading Steve Jobs’ biography, “Steve Jobs”.

I can?t shake the sense of tragedy I feel that though he was so incredibly gifted, he didn?t know the Lord (at least not that I know). ?It seems that he spent his whole life pursuing excellence, glory and greatness, yet not the right kind. ?I want to pursue the right kind of glory.

When we?re born again, God gives us an appetite and desire for glory – his glory. The Christian?s great hope is the hope of seeing and enjoying Jesus in all his glory, and being conformed to the likeness of his glory.

God orchestrates our lives to display his glory in countless ways. ?We display his glory by singing his praises. ?We show his glory by loving others. ?We glorify him by serving others, forgiving others, caring for the poor, teaching our children about God, and working heartily in our jobs and homes. ?We bring him glory by trusting him, hoping in him, and making him our great treasure in life.

When the goal of all we do is the glory of God it transforms how we think about every circumstance in our lives.

When we?re having a conflict in our marriage or with a roommate or another believer, instead of trying to ?win? or pursue our own happiness, we should ask what would bring God the most glory in this situation.? Puritan Thomas Manton says:

“We need to deal with God… that God may be glorified in our condition, whatever it is. If he wills for us to be rich and full, that he might be glorified in our bounty; if he wills us to be poor and low, that he may be glorified in our patience; if he will have us healthy, that he may be glorified in our labour; if he will have us sick, that he may be glorified in our pain; if he will have us live, that he may be glorified in our lives; if he will have us die, that he may be glorified in our deaths.?

I?m so grateful to have been part of a church of flawed saints for the past 38 years, as we?ve tried our best to glorify Jesus together. ?We?re definitely not slick or polished; most of us are just average in our gifts. ?Often it feels like we?re just muddling along, but we?re serving and caring for each other and seeking to reach people for Christ. Imperfectly. ?At times imperceptibly. ?In good times and bad. ?And we?re doing it all for the glory of Jesus.

I can?t wait to be there on that final day to watch Jesus reward my friends. ?To hear him say ?Well done, good and faithful servant? to the humble servants in our church. ?I?m so excited to see the rewards Jesus heaps on my brothers and sisters who have glorified him in their suffering.

O Lord, help us to live and die for your glory.

photo by Jacobo Garcia

I’m a pastor at Saving Grace Church in Indiana, PA. I’m married to Kristi, have 5 kids, and a growing number of grandkids. I enjoy songwriting, oil painting and coffee, not necessarily in that order.