I Guess God Doesn’t Love Tim Tebow Anymore

Tim Tebow and I share a lot in common. We’re both good looking and incredibly strong. Both of us have won college football national championships. He won his with the University of Florida, I won mine on my PlayStation 3. Most importantly (and I really mean this), both of us are Christians.

A lot of Christians have been attributing Tebow’s recent, phenomenal success, to divine providence, saying that Broncos are winning because Tim is a godly man who pleases the Lord. When the Broncos played the Patriots this past Sunday, it felt like a battle between good and evil. Tim Tebow and the forces of goodness and morality against Tom Brady and the spawn of darkness. That may be a bit overdramatic, but it had that vibe to it. And I’ve got to admit, it would have been sweet to see Tebow slay the mighty, yet well groomed, Tom Brady.

Unfortunately Tebow and the Denver boys lost. Of course that raises the question: has Tim Tebow fallen out of favor with God?

I like Tim Tebow. He runs like a dump truck and plays football like a man. He’s also an example of a godly athlete.

But does God care about the outcome of a football game? In one way, yes. God cares about and controls the outcome of everything, from the sparrows to the solar system to the coin toss at midfield. He is God and he is sovereign. So in one sense, Tim Tebow’s success is the result of God’s sovereign control.

I’m not so comfortable saying that God is blessing Tim Tebow with wins because Tim is an outspoken Christian. Maybe he is. I don’t know, I’m not God. The whole issue raises a lot of questions for me though. The first Christians were outspoken about God and they got fed to lions. Why didn’t God bless them by sparing them? Tony Dungy is an outspoken Christian, and yet he lost to the Patriots over and over before he finally won a Super Bowl. Why did it take God so long to bless Tony? It seems weird to say that God is definitely allowing Tim Tebow to win because he is a Christian.

I think that there’s a more biblical reason why Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos are winning: God rewards hard work. That’s one of the main lessons in the book of Proverbs. If a person works hard and busts their butt, they will receive the reward of their diligence. Proverbs 10:4 says:

A slack hand causes poverty, but the hand of the diligent makes rich.

Tim Tebow works hard and plays hard. The Denver Broncos seem to play hard when he’s on the field. Generally, the team that plays the hardest AND with the most excellence wins. That’s how sports work. Tim Tebow plays inspired, maniacal football in the fourth quarter of games. That’s why he wins. Tom Brady and the Patriots played hard and with excellence on Sunday, and that’s why they won.

Does God still love Tim Tebow? Of course! Will Tim Tebow win next week? Maybe! Let’s pray that either way, God will continue to help Tim speak boldly for the gospel.

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