Twenty Two Reasons I Really Love My Dad

This past Sunday was Father’s day. Unfortunately, my dad is in Ireland right now so I wasn’t able to give him a big hug or ask him for money. So, in light of that, here are twenty two reasons I’m really grateful for my dad.


1. Taught me that real men love Jesus.

2. Taught me to shake hands like a man, not like a cadaver.

3. Informed me that it’s okay to be addicted to coffee because we can quit anytime we want. We just don’t want to quit.

4. Showed me that real men worship expressively on Sunday and don’t give a rip what anyone else thinks.

5. Prayed and even fasted for me when I stunk at Little League and couldn’t hit the ball.

6. Practiced for hours with me when I stunk at Little League and helped me learn to hit the ball.

7. Celebrated with me when I hit a game winning triple, which then propelled me into a hitting tear that lasted the entire season.

8. Gave me all the spiritual books that I asked for (including Systematic Theology, which cost around $30), and even ones that I didn’t ask for.

9. Was quick to skip over inappropriate parts in movies even though he sometimes accidentally put it in slow motion.

10. Played a lot of silly games with me and my siblings, which taught me to play silly games with my little girls.

11. Taught me to throw a baseball like a man, not like a sissy.

12. Asked me awkward questions about whether I was interested in girls or struggling with lust.

13. Said “I now pronounce you husband and wife,” to me and my wife Jen.

14. Didn’t get angry at me when I absolutely totaled his car (in my defense, I was distracted by a sermon I was listening to).

15. Didn’t get angry me when I confessed various sins and struggles.

16. Confessed his own sins and struggles.

17. Taught me to love a rippin’ good guitar solo, like the one that opens the song “Purple Haze”.

18. Pretended to laugh at my absolutely awful jokes when I was a young teenager.

19. Really laughs at my regular stupidity, such as when I recently stood on his desk at work and did an air guitar solo (a really good air solo).

20. Still gets down and silly with his granddaughters, who love to spend time with their “Bubba”.

21. Still wakes up every morning and drinks high octane coffee and reads his Bible.

22. Is headed toward heaven at a dead sprint.

I love you dad.

Stephen Altrogge

I'm a husband, dad, writer. I drink too much coffee and know too much about Star Wars. I created The Blazing Center. I've also written some books which people seem to like. You can follow me on Twitter and Facebook