Now That’s Interesting! Presidential Branding, How To Publish Your Book, Pumpkin Maestros, More…

Another Review of?A Year of Biblical Womanhood – Tim Keller’s wife, Kathy, has written a very thorough, helpful, critical review of Rachel Held Evans new book.

Skeletal Rocking?Chair?- Jen would never let me get this, but I personally think it would fit well with our current home decor.

Branding the Presidents of the United States – This is a really cool blog. The author seeks to create a special “brand” for every past President. Very creative.

How to publish your book ? An?infographic?- As an author I found this to be pretty funny.

The Pumpkin Maestroes – I love the passion and creativity these guys put into their pumpkin carving.

STORYBOARD: The Pumpkin Maestros from Tumblr on Vimeo.

Fantastic Mouth Trumpeting – While I may not agree with the message of the song, this guy is an incredible musician. Watch escpecially for the part where he harmonizes his mouth trumpet with his guitar. Unbelievable!

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