7 Prayer Themes To Focus And Fuel Your Prayer Life

When you pray do you find yourself praying the same things all the time?

Do you find your mind wandering?

One way to focus and fuel your prayer life is to use different prayer themes.

Using a different theme every day to guide you will not only make your prayer life more focused but enable you to pray for a wide variety of things each week.

Using a different theme every day to guide you will not only make your prayer life more focused but enable you to pray for a wide variety of things each week.

Here are some suggested prayer themes you could pray through each week. You could also use these topics as prayer meeting themes or prayer conference themes.

If you are having a prayer breakfast, these themes would work well there too.

Sunday Prayer Theme: Your Church

Pray for your pastors, ask God to pour out his Spirit on the Sunday meeting, bless the singing and preaching of the word.

That God would bring many new people and save people. That God would bless the Children’s ministry and the time of worship.

For unity of the Spirit and that your church would abound in love and thankfulness.

Monday Prayer Theme: Thanksgiving 

List and give thanks for as many things as you can think of. Spiritual blessings: thank God for saving you, giving you eternal life, adopting you, forgiving and cleansing you of sin, for giving you his Spirit, for producing fruit in your life and making you like Christ.

For material blessings – for your life and health and provision. For your family and friends, your home, that you live in your city and nation.

Thank God for answered prayers and his many mercies to you.

Tuesday Prayer Focus: Your Family

Pray that God would save every one of your descendants until he returns and that they would all follow Jesus as disciples.

That God would cause you, your spouse and descendants to delight in him and his word, to walk in a manner worthy of the gospel, to bear abundant fruit, to know Jesus more and more and become more and more like him.

Pray for family relationships and needs.

Wednesday Prayer Topic: The Nations

Pray that God would save multitudes worldwide, that the gospel would go forth in power to every nation and people.

For our nation – that God would save our leaders, give them wisdom and cause them to promote righteousness and life. That God would continue to grant our nation peace that the gospel might spread and that we might worship God in peace and freedom.

Thursday Prayer Theme: Your City and Region

Pray that the kingdom would come to your town, and region. That God would save your neighbors and open doors for the gospel in your town. That the Holy Spirit would convict your city of sin, righteousness and judgment and save multitudes.

Friday Prayer Focus: Salvation

Make a list of all your family members, friends, neighbors, schoolmates and co-workers who are unsaved and ask Jesus to save each one.

Saturday Prayer Theme: Current Needs of Family and Friends

Whether it be healing, financial provision or help in their marriages.

BUT WAIT!  THERE’S MORE! Here are some more suggested themes you can focus on:

Other Good Prayer Themes: 

God’s Attributes 

Worship God for his infinite greatness, holiness, glory, beauty, majesty, kindness, faithfulness, mercy, compassion, justice, righteousness, perfection, sovereignty, nearness.

The Persecuted Church

For suffering saints in North Korea, China, Saudi Arabia and other nations. That God would remove wicked rulers and governments and replace them with governments favorable to the gospel.

That God would use his persecuted saints to spread the gospel like he used Paul in prison. That God would release many of his suffering ones to return home to families and friends.

That for those who continued to suffer that God would strengthen them in their inner being for patience and perseverance, and that God would give them hope and even joy in their affliction.

Give these prayer themes a try. I believe you will find they enhance and improve your prayer life.

I’m a pastor at Saving Grace Church in Indiana, PA. I’m married to Kristi, have 5 kids, and a growing number of grandkids. I enjoy songwriting, oil painting and coffee, not necessarily in that order.