How To Prosecute The Legalist Within You

What should you do if you are a legalist? How can you effectively fight legalism? By becoming a prosecuting attorney and putting your legalistic conscience on the stand. When your conscience takes the stand, drill it with these questions:

Question: Who has justified you?

Answer: God has justified me.

Q: How much has God justified you?

A: Fully, totally, and completely. I can never be more justified.

Q: If God himself has justified you, who can condemn you?

A: No one can condemn me. If God himself won’t condemn me, then there is certainly no one else who can.

Q: If no one can condemn you, then why do you keep wallowing around in your guilt?

A: Because I don’t really believe the good news of the gospel. I don’t really believe that God has fully, completely justified me. I feel like I still need to contribute. Like I can add something to my salvation.

Question: What does God require of you?

Answer: Complete, total, perfect obedience. He requires me to love him with every ounce of my energy, and to pour out my life for my neighbors with the same intensity that I love myself.

Q: Have you ever, even for five minutes, loved God as he deserves? Have you ever lived a single day in which you loved your neighbor like you should?

A: No, I have never met the demands of God’s law, and I never could meet the demands of God’s law.

Q: If you can’t meet God’s demands, why do you keep acting as though you can instead of flying to Jesus, who did meet the law’s demands and now offers to give you his righteousness?

A: Because I don’t see the depth of my sinfulness and my total desperation apart from the gospel.

Question: What kind of savior do you need?

Answer: I need a savior who will completely save me. I need someone who will completely pay my debt, totally forgive my sins, and bring me into perfect fellowship with God. I need complete and total rescue.

Q: Is Jesus that kind of savior?

A: Yes he is. Hallelujah, what a savior!

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