How To Pray For Everything You Want To And Stay Focused

The Bible tells us to pray for many things.

For example, that God’s kingdom would come, for the persecuted church, for our leaders and nation. We all want to pray for family members and friends. How can we pray for all these things? And how do we stay focused while praying? One thing I do is use prayers I’ve written for specific topics on different days of the week.

Here are some suggested topics and written prayers you might use to keep you focused. In addition to these you can pray for specific needs and personal requests. I don’t always use written prayers but have found that using prayers like these can help me keep me on track.

Day 1 : God’s kingdom and our nation.

Father, I pray that your kingdom would come and your will would be done on earth as it is in heaven. I pray that your Name would be honored in every place. That you would fill the earth with the knowledge of your glory. That praise would ascend to your name in every place.

That the gospel would go forth in power to every nation and people. Please save multitudes from every tribe and tongue. Please raise up laborers for the harvest.

Please save multitudes in the United States. Please save our President, his wife and children. Please save every Senator, Representative, and Supreme Court Judge, as well as thousands of support personnel. Please place godly leaders in office. Please give our leaders wisdom and cause them to promote righteousness and life. Please have mercy on our nation, and rescue millions. Please continue to grant us peace and religious freedom. Please bring an end to abortion and change the hearts of multitudes regarding abortion.

Day 2 – Family

O Lord Jesus, please show your glory to all my children and descendants. Please cause them all to be born again and to follow you as disciples. Please save each one at a young age. Cause each one to believe in you, fear you, delight in you, know you, love you, serve you with gladness, and bring glory to you. Please cause all my children and descendants to love your word.

Please open the eyes of my children and descendants’ hearts to know the height, width, breadth, and depth of your love, your incomparable power toward us, and the hope of our calling. Please fill them all with the fullness of Christ and conform them to Christ.

Please fill all my children and descendants with your Holy Spirit, your love, joy, peace, wisdom, grace, faith, and humility. Please them to walk in a manner worthy of the gospel, to bear abundant fruit, and abound with thankfulness and love. Strengthen them all in their inner man for patience and perseverance. And please cause each one to influence thousands for you.

Please deliver all my descendants from temptation, sin and evil. Please protect each one, and if it be your will, please grant them long, healthy lives. Please give each of my descendants godly spouses and bless their marriages. Please give me the affection of Christ Jesus for each of my children and grandchildren. Please help me cultivate a friendship with each one. Please show me things we can do together and things we can do as a family together. Thank you for all your mercy on my family and descendants.

Day 3 – The persecuted church

Lord Jesus, please have mercy on your persecuted saints. Please deliver them from evil and suffering. Please change every government that oppresses Christians and replace them with governments favorable to the gospel. Please use your persecuted saints mightily to spread the gospel. Please let many be released today to go home to their families and friends. For those who will not be released, please give them grace, comfort, faith, and hope. Strengthen them in their inner being for patience and perseverance. Give them grace to love their oppressors. Lord Jesus, come!

Day 4 – My city and region

O Lord, please let your kingdom come to this area. Please open doors for the gospel, have mercy on thousands and draw multitudes to Christ. Please pour out your Spirit and bring great conviction of sin, righteousness and judgment. Please save my neighbors and co-workers. Please give me boldness and opportunities to share the gospel with my neighbors and co-workers.

Please bless every church in this area that preaches the gospel. Fill each church with your Spirit and prosper each one in Christ.

Day 5 – Salvation of family and friends

Here list everyone you want to ask Jesus to save. Family members, relatives, friends, neighbors, etc.

Day 6 – Present needs

Here list everyone you want to pray for God to help, heal, provide for or bless in any way.

Day 7 – Your Church

Pray that God would give everyone increasing knowledge of Jesus Christ. That he would cause your church to abound and overflow in love, joy and thankfulness. That he would protect the church and deliver it from temptation and sin and all evil. That he would save many and add to your numbers. That he would grant unity of the Spirit. That he would help your pastors preach the gospel with faithfulness and integrity.

Give this a try. Tweak it, add to it, change it. Make it your own. Stick it in your bible or somewhere you can easily access it. I save my prayers in Evernote so I can find them easily each day.

Mark Altrogge

I’m a pastor at Saving Grace Church in Indiana, PA. I’m married to Kristi, have 5 kids, and a growing number of grandkids. I enjoy songwriting, oil painting and coffee, not necessarily in that order.