An Open Letter To That Fourth Sermon Point

Dear Point Four,

Let me begin by saying you gave it a good shot. Yes, you were cut, but I think we all knew that was going to happen. I mean seriously, a four point sermon? Yeah right.

But you were born out of good intentions.

In a moment of temporary insanity, the preacher actually thought he would make it through his first three points in a reasonable amount of time. He momentarily forgot that he spends 2/3 of his sermon on the first point, 1/3 on the second point, and a panicked 5 minutes on the third point. He thought he could beat the clock.

Of course, everyone knows the odds of this occurring are about the same as a well-acted Christian movie, but the preacher was feeling ambitious. He was feeling the anointing (which may have actually been simple indigestion – we’ll never know).

The odds were certainly stacked against you. After all, every passage of Scripture neatly divides into three points. It was divinely inspired that way. The Apostle Paul most likely made that clear in his lost letter to the Corinthians.

To try to jam a fourth point into a sermon, while not totally sinful, is at least reckless. There is reason to suspect that at least four premature deaths can be attributed to reckless point insertion.

Additionally, you were battling upstream against alliteration. The first three points were Calling, Character, and Competence. So neat and tidy. Like bullets out of a theological gun (or a real gun depending on whether you believe the Constitution was also divinely inspired). Those points roll off the tongue like butter off a bad simile. But you? You didn’t fit into the alliterative box. There’s Character, Calling, Competence, and then there’s you…Leadership. Did you really think you would somehow slip into the sermon unnoticed?

And let’s be honest: it’s not like you were exactly welcome. People were already getting nervous and shifty when the third point wandered past the five minute mark. Little did they know that the preacher was debating releasing a fourth point into the wild.

Now, I will encourage you by saying that you may be reincarnated in next week’s sermon.

But if not, I will never forget you.

Just kidding. I already forgot the other points too.



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