The Profound “Non-Normalness” Of Normal Sundays

I love Sundays.

I don’t love Sunday afternoons.

Most of the time I blame technology. But that’s really just a lame excuse. Email, text-messaging, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram only reveal my deeply entrenched pride and desire to feel successful.

The onslaught of the voices from the web beckon me to believe that everyone else has somehow had a Sunday that I rarely experience. On the web, I find rhythmic quotations, grandiose adjectives, and 140-character descriptions of a Sunday that was mind-blowing and beyond compare. And to top it all off, there is the reminder that next Sunday is sure to be even more astounding.

The onslaught of the voices beckon me to believe that everyone else has a Sunday that I rarely experience. Click to Tweet

My temptation is to believe that I am missing out. My Sundays often seem normal. Each and every Sunday when I gather with the church the following things are sure to happen:

  • I will pray prayers that affirm the profound otherness and yet intimate nearness of my Father.
  • I will sit under the truth of the Scriptures and have them deepen my thoughts, broaden my understanding, and heighten my affections for Christ.
  • I will be reminded of the beauty of the gospel and convinced of my ever-growing need for it.
  • I will lift my voice with my brothers and sisters in singing robust and profound gospel truths led by men and women that love Jesus.
  • I will see the good news enacted as we partake of communion and longingly await the day when we will gather at the true Feast.
  • I will be enveloped in biblical community through genuine burden-bearing love with my closest friends.
  • I will intercede on behalf of the unreached and the missionaries and church planters laboring to see the fame of God spread among the nations.
  • I will join with others in repenting of the propensity of my heart to waywardness and join them in being welcomed by a God full of grace and mercy.
  • I will meet those wounded and wayward in need of the life transforming hope of the gospel and long for the day when they will love God also.
  • I will be one day closer to a new heaven and new earth in which righteousness dwells and sin will be no more.

That’s what every Sunday looks like for me. And it all seems so normal.

Somehow I get lulled to sleep with the normal and forget that none of those things are really normal after all. Actually, they represent a weekly reminder of the awe-inspiring goodness and generosity of God to a feeble, young pastor. Thankfully there are days like today when God reminds me that the “normal” means of grace he’s provided are sufficient to make every Sunday exceptional.

I am married to Sarah and we have four children: Corrie, Avery, Hudson, and Willa. We live in Greenville, SC where I serve as the pastor of The Church at Cherrydale. I am a graduate of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (MDiv, PhD) and enjoy reading and writing. I am also the author of three books: Aspire: Developing and Deploying Disciples in the Church, Seven Arrows: Aiming Bible Readers in the Right Direction, and Mergers: Combining Churches to Multiply Disciples. Find Matt online at or follow him on Twitter @mattrogers_