Don’t Lose Sight Of the Light In The Darkness

From Still Still Still by Future of Forestry

Light, light, light
Let all the earth be light
The holy star its news ablazing
Son of hope for nations raising
Light, light, light
Let all the earth be light


Tonight our power went out for about an hour. This is not an uncommon occurrence in Tallahassee, where we like to leave all our ancient trees standing so that when the slightest storm comes through we’re all plunged into darkness.

But it actually brought a few moments of blessed peace in our home. Suddenly homework was fun, completed by lanterns and candles. The children quieted down and crawled around with flashlights, speaking to each other in hushed, secretive tones. A pizza was ordered, relieving the dinner burden.

I walked around the living room and lit the candles, settling down on the couch to enjoy the peaceful, low-lit room. But the thing is that all of our enjoyment of the power outage came from bringing light into it. The flashlights, the lanterns, the candles.


This world has been plunged into darkness, friends. Even someone who doesn’t understand or believe in the Messiah can agree, that this world is a dark place. Sometimes in our comfortable, privileged lives, we can try and hide from it for a little while, but it always makes itself known again.

Racism, abuse, terrorism, shootings, earthquakes, hurricanes, poverty, neglect, orphans, widows, divorce, betrayal, oppression, disease, and death with its painful sting. The darkness rears its ugly head, and there is no hiding from it.

Lately, I feel the heavy burden of these things. But in this season of both remembering and anticipating Christ’s coming, the burden eases as I remember that the light of Christ has shone on our darkened world. And even in the midst of all of the above, there is and can be, hope, joy, and love.

No, we cannot hide from the darkness, but we get to do something better. We get to shine the light into it. We light the candles and the lanterns of the gospel. We herald the good news that One has come who will, in His perfect timing, undo all that has been sad and turn even death itself backward when He returns to set everything right.

Have hope and rest in the light of Christ, brothers and sisters. Let every twinkle light on the tree and every candle lit and every fireplace blazing remind you of the beautiful light of Jesus that breaks through our darkened hearts and makes us whole again.

“The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness, on them has light shined.” (Isaiah 9:2)

Katie Hughes

I’m married to Josh. He’s a pastor. We live in Tallahassee with our 4 children. They are wild and crazy and we don’t really know what we’re doing there. I spend most of my time managing them but some of my time doing some research at Florida State University. I’m grateful for good books, laughter, the Florida sun, and Netflix (and oxford commas!). But mostly for Jesus. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.