Your Weekly Dose Of Good Stuff (02.03.17)

My friend Ricky encouraged me that, in addition to doing a podcast about good stuff, I should do a weekly blog post. So here goes.

Book of the Week: I am a total sucker for juvenile humor, and there are few better at it than Dave Barry. Like, seriously, no one can make farts and beer and incompetent husbands funnier.

I recently read his book Live Right and Find Happiness (Although Beer Is Much Faster) and it did NOT disappoint. There were points where I was literally shaking with laughter. If your sense of humor never graduated beyond 8th grade, then this book will make you absurdly happy.

Podcast of the Week: In my ceaseless quest/addiction/someone help me please to find new podcasts, I stumbled upon one I really like called Side Hustle SchoolIt’s all about people making money on the side doing random things, like renting out their car, making cutting boards for fun, and other things.

I’m always interested in making more cash on the side, so this is really fun for me.

Article That Sums Up What I Believe of the Week: I have long stipulated that cats are of the devil and only want our demise. Thus, I could understand when this Florida man (NOT ME) shot a cat because “it looked like it owned the place.” Before you send me angry emails, I obviously do NOT endorse hurting animals. I simply understand cats looking like they own the place.

Video That Made Me Chuckle Of The Week: Home Alone has long been one of my favorite movies. In fact, the cartoonish violence is what makes it so funny. Seeing Marv getting pounded with bricks again and again. But what if there were actually blood in the movie. Well, it’d be funnier/more demented/probably banned. See below (note: if fake blood grosses you out, don’t watch this):

Artist of the Week: I received a random email from a guy named Matt Kenyon yesterday promoting his new album of hymns. I receive lots of emails like these and the albums are usually garbage, but not this one. Check out this song (and the whole album):

If you have any recommendations, please send the to me via Twitter, Facebook, or email!

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