Jared C. Wilson is a Loser

Jared Wilson has long been one of my favorite authors. He’s arguably the best writer with skin in the gospel-centered game.

The first time I read Gospel Deeps, I was wowed by the way Jared uses words—normal words, like the ones you and I use—to make the gospel seem so big. The second time I tried to read it, I put it down unfinished and emailed him to ask what resources shaped his gospel-centered vocabulary. I think I can say in all seriousness Gospel Deeps is what convinced me I should try to sharpen my writing skills so that I could use them to glorify God.

As good of a writer as he is, though, Jared’s got a big problem: He’s a loser. I mean, he’s a loser. The “Lookin’-kinda-dumb-with-his-finger-and-his-thumb” sort of loser.

This week, Jared released his book The Imperfect Disciple: Grace for People Who Can’t Get Their Act Together. It’s a book written for losers like me and you. Jared counts himself as one of us losers, too: it’s a book Jared says has his own blood on the pages. It turns the tired business of modern discipleship-talk on its head and orients it toward the Bible. Each turn is met with quintessential Jared-isms, and his love for the church oozes from every page.

I wouldn’t usually dedicate an entire post to plug a book like this without reviewing it in full, but it’s important enough that I think you should check out the book. It just might have knocked Gospel Deeps out its place as my favorite book from Jared.

Tired of feeling like you’ll never be good enough? Well, get used to the feeling because you’re right. And that’s okay. Jesus is good enough.

Sick of feeling like a cog in the wheel of the American church? Cool—let me introduce you to this little thing the gospel creates called “community.” It’s pretty dysfunctional sometimes, but it’s better than riding solo.

Jared addresses all these things (and more) in his new book.

For me, The Imperfect Disciple was a timely reminder that “Jesus is making promises to the beaten, the torn, the broken, the depressed, the desperate, the poor, the orphan, the abandoned, the cheated, the betrayed, the accused, the left-behind.” People like me who can’t get their acts together need to be reminded of our security before God in the gospel of grace.

Of all the voices floating around in the church world, I’m grateful Jared gives us his. It’s really hard to draw your own blood so you can print your books in it. He is a tremendous gift to the church. And though none of us are convinced he will ever stop being a loser, he’s the best a loser he could possibly be. The way Jared talks about the gospel is great, but the way he loves God is even better.

Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself: Pick up The Imperfect Disciple at most major retailers or bookstores, or purchase it on Amazon.

Cody Barnhart

Cody Barnhart (@codygbarnhart) lives in Maryville, Tennessee, and is an MDiv student at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He attends Pleasant Grove at College Street, where he is a church planting intern.