A Quick and Easy Way To Memorize A Scripture A Week

Hey everyone, over the years memorizing Scripture has brought incredible joy and blessing into my life. And I have found that setting Scripture to music makes memorizing really easy. So I would like to begin to give you a Scripture set to music every week. Some will be from my “Hide the Word” series. Some may be simply me and an accoustic guitar. Today’s Scripture is Proverbs 4:18:

…the path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, which shines brighter and brighter until full day. Proverbs 4:18 (ESV).

You can download the mp3 by clicking here: Proverbs 4:18

Here’s what I would suggest: write this Scripture on a 3×5 card. Include the reference. Keep your memory cards where you can look at them every morning, or when you have your devotions. First play the Scripture Song a couple times. Then read the Scripture out loud. Repetition is the key. Eventually you won’t need to listen to the Scripture Song because you will know it. Each week, add a new card and Scripture to the pile. I keep my Scriptures in piles of 5, so I can review the most recent Scriptures more frequently.

If you would like to get more Scripture Songs to memorize you can purchase CDs at Forever Grateful Music or individual mp3s on iTunes (search: Hide the Word Altrogge) or CD baby (search: mark altrogge hide the word).

Mark Altrogge

I’m a pastor at Saving Grace Church in Indiana, PA. I’m married to Kristi, have 5 kids, and a growing number of grandkids. I enjoy songwriting, oil painting and coffee, not necessarily in that order.