OBJECTIVE: To connect the hundreds of thousands of readers of The Blazing Center with high quality sponsors, and to effectively promote the brand of the sponsor.


  • AUTHORSHIP: The Blazing Center is a popular Christian website, created by Stephen Altrogge and run by Stephen Altrogge and Barnabas Piper. An additional 7 writers contribute on a semi-weekly basis.
  • AUDIENCE: The audience is primarily Christians who are generally Reformed in their theology and evenly split between men and women. Many are church leaders and most are committed to a local church.
  • FOCUS: The site features articles on practical theology, of a devotional nature, engaging issues of faith and culture, and humor.
  • TRAFFIC: The Blazing Center receives approximately 275,000 page views per month, with some months being as high as 300,000. We anticipate this traffic continuing to INCREASE as we use highly targeted methods of Facebook advertising and partner with more writers.
  • PROMOTIONAL: Stephen Altrogge has over 8,600 Twitter followers and 7,200 Facebook fans. Barnabas Piper has over 17,300 Twitter followers and 8,100 Facebook fans.  


  • PRICE: Contact for pricing
  • PREMIER AD: The ONLY and premier ad at the top of every blog post, thus placing your ad and your ad alone in front of ALL the readers. No other ads will be accepted other than the sponsored ad. The ad will be accompanied by a campaign to evaluate click through rates.
    • Two images must be supplied for desktop and mobile. Desktop image must be 830 X 200 and mobile image must be 500 X 175.
  • SPONSORED POST: A sponsored blog post on The Blazing Center. This post will be shared both by Stephen and Barnabas. Stephen and Barnabas both have extensive experience in marketing and will offer suggestions about how to make the sponsored post more effective.
    • For an additional $10, the sponsored post will be strategically boosted on Facebook, which has been used with other posts to generate thousands of additional clicks to the post.
  • The sponsored post can link back to the site of choice by the advertiser.
  • A tracking campaign will be established to determine the clicks back to the sponsor site.


  • Sponsored posts can be up to 1,500 word long, and can include images as well as embedded videos.


  • Contact for pricing.
  • That price also includes social shares as well as feedback from Stephen and Barnabas on the sponsored post.

To contact regarding advertising, CLICK HERE.